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Ab Funk

mp3: Ab Funk Guitar/Lead Jam Track
wma: Ab Funk Guitar/Lead Jam Track

mp3: Ab Funk Bass Jam Track
wma: Ab Funk Bass Jam Track

mp3: Ab Funk Drums Jam Track
wma: Ab Funk Drums Jam Track

Time/size: 4 mins 20 secs/6.1mb. 100 beats per minute/bpm

Funk jam track: Ab Funk is a cool funk track in Ab with plenty of syncopation from the rhythm section.

Backing track instruments: electric guitar, fretless bass and drums.

Progression: Ab Major.

Suggestions: Start with the Ab Blues and Ab Major Pentatonic Scales to come up with some melodic guitar solos. Also use the track to play notes from the Ab Major Scale adding 2 notes missing from the Ab Major Pentatonic Scale.

Ab Funk Chords and Progression

The chord used on this funk guitar vamp is Ab Major with it's Root note Ab on the 6th (low E) string. The 5th of the chord is located on the 6th fret of the 5th (A) string. Octave on the 4th (G) string, Major 3rd on the 3rd (G) string and another 5th (one Octave higher than the 5th on the A string) located on the 4th fret of the B string.

The rhythm of the guitar follows the syncopation of the drums and bass which is what gives the tune its funky groove.

Ab Major


Ab Funk Scale Suggestions

1. Ab Blues Scale - 4th Position - Two Octaves

With most of the one-chord vamps that use Major chords the main scale suggestion has been to play the Major Pentatonic and Major Scale over the chords. Which is important as that is getting you familiar to play those scales in EVERY key.

We'll look at the Ab Major Pentatonic and Ab Major scales here too but first we'll start off with the Ab Blues scale because it sounds really good over this progression. The notes aren't a perfect fit but they are close enough and sound cool which is what we are after.


2. Ab Major Pentatonic Scale - 8th Position

The guitar tab for the Ab Major Pentatonic scale in 8th position is below. Playing 2 Octaves we end up in 13th position.

What you want to do is combine the Ab Blues Scale shown in pattern 1 with this scale. Start playing around using the notes in pattern 1 and then move up to 8th position and come up with some guitar licks using the pentatonic scale.

You'll get some really cool sounds out of both scales and using them together will help you come up with a lot more sounds than you would if you just stick to the one scale.


1. Ab Major Scale - 3rd Position - Two Octaves

Here is the guitar tab for the Ab Major Scale. You should compare the notes here with the Ab Blues scale shown in pattern 1.


Ab Funk Bass Tab

The rhythm for the bass follows the rhythm that the guitar and drums is playing. We are only using the notes: Root, b7th (flat 7th) and Major 3rd with this bass line.

You should come up with some funky bass lines that use notes that walk up to the Root. Come up with a 4 note bass riff that walks from the 6th (located on the 1st fret) to the b7th on the 2nd fret, the Major 7th on the 3rd fret and landing on the Root note Ab on the 4th fret.

Then see what lines you can come up with walking up from the Major 3rd located on the 3rd fret of the A string walking up to the 5th on the 6th fret of the A string.

Play lots of rhythms using the off beats, the more syncopation the better.


Ab Funk Drum Chart

Get seriously syncopated and funk out.

Web page with drum instruction: Ab Funk Drum Chart

Download: Ab Funk Drum Chart

Ab Funk Drum Instruction

Jam on!

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