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Acoustic Guitar Players

Frank Vignola - Tico Ticoade.
Erik Mongrain - AirTap!
Kaki King - Playing With Pink Noise.
Carlos Vamos - Little Wing.
Charlie Parr - 1922.
The Freddy Jones Band - Daydream.

Below is a collection of some of the great music videos that been put up on YouTube by (or on) acoustic guitar players and songwriters. There are so many great musicians out there, of all genres, techniques and instruments. I have already put up a whole page devoted to Michael Hedges - some of these musicians have taken a lot of their inspiration from him. You'll know why if you check out the Michael Hedge page. Without further ado - here are some of my favorite acoustic guitarists.


Frank Vignola - Tico Ticoade

This is so good it's disturbing. Frank just plays with so much ease. His picking is incredible. I love it how the host of the show gets him to repeat the final run at the end. Here is the Frank Vignola website. Frank has instructional books he's written for Mel Bay as well as instructional cd-roms and videos out which look really good.


Erik Mongrain - AirTap!

Wow. What a great piece of music. In the style of Michael Hedges. I love this music video. It's great to listen to and watch. Erik cites his Michael Hedges influence on his website Erik Mongrain. He is definitely a musician worth checking out live if he is playing in an area near you.

Kaki King - Playing With Pink Noise

I said I'd put up a music video of Kaki King playing on the Michael Hedge page. She played the Michael Hedges piece 'Ritual Dance' in the film August Rush.

Carlos Vamos - Little Wing

The Carlos Vamos website.

Charlie Parr - 1922

Fantastic guitar playing and an awesome song as well. This is one musician I would love to check out live. You almost feel like you are in the club watching this one.

You can download mp3's off his website Charlie Parr, and there are more great tunes on Charlie Parr's MySpace Page. He travels a lot and plays a lot of small shows. Definitely worth seeing him live if you can - he really is a world class player of traditional blues finger style guitar techniques.

The Freddy Jones Band - Daydream

I saw The Freddy Jones Band in Chicago in 2007. It was a great gig - they are awesome musicians who write really cool tunes. There are some really nice guitar parts on this tune - as there are on all of The Freddy Jones Band's songs.

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