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All Kinds of Shrimp

mp3: All Kinds of Shrimp Jam Track

All Kinds of Shrimp is an instrumental track I wrote so I could do something with the Roland VR-09 keyboard that I just bought. What I intended to do was write a jam track with some Hammond-type sounds on it but I got caught up using one of the synth sounds and wrote this as an instrumental tune instead. Sorry about that! I played the lead with guitar as well but I took it off because I like the synth sound as it is.
mp3: All Kinds of Shrimp

Time/size: 4 mins 26 secs/4.09MB. 120 beats per minute/bpm

All Kinds of Shrimp jam track: Rock track in they key of E.

Backing track instruments: electric guitar, electric guitar II, fretless bass and drums.
Roland VR-09 using the Sine Lead 1 sound.

Progression: E5, A5 into A Major. 8 bar progression.

Suggestions: The E Major scale works just fine and dandy over this progression. That's all I'm using on the track with the lead keyboard. The jam track is a lot of fun to play along with. See where you can go with it.

Jam on!

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