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Casso's Strut

mp3: Casso's Strut Guitar/Lead Jam Track

Time/size: 3 mins 40 secs/3.41MB.

Casso's Strut jam track: Texas Blues

Backing track instruments: electric guitar, bass and drums.

Progression: 12 bar in E.

Suggestions: The E Blues Scale is the obvious starting point with this one. You can sit on that all day and all night long or venture out and play within the notes in between the blues scales. A good place to start with this is following the chromatic runs into and out of each change in the progression.

Casso's Strut Scale Suggestion

1. E Blues Scale

Everyone should know how to play the blues scale in each key no matter what instrument you play. Bagpipes too!

Start with this on guitar or bass:


Check out some more ideas for finger patterns here:

The E Blues Scale

and here:

The E Blues Scale in 7th Position

But wait there's more!

E Blues Licks in 7th Position

That's some starting points if you're a beginner however many of you should be able to play along with this track comfortably for weeks on end.

Just search E Blues Scale finger patterns and licks in any search engine, or on YouTube, and you'll find lots of great information to get your started so you'll be playing along in no time. (As opposed to 'playing along with no time'!)

Have fun and see what you can come up with and if you feel like hitting record, put something up on YouTube and post a link to it in a comment on the Free Jam Tracks Facebook page so everyone can hear you play.

Jam on!

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