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Country Bumpkins

mp3: Country Bumpkins Guitar/Lead Jam Track
wma: Country Bumpkins Guitar/Lead Jam Track

mp3: Country Bumpkins Bass Jam Track
wma: Country Bumpkins Bass Jam Track

mp3: Country Bumpkins Drums Jam Track
wma: Country Bumpkins Drums Jam Track

Time/size: 4 mins 24 secs/6.2mb. 88 beats per minute/bpm

Country jam track: Straight ahead country jam track in the key of yeehaw.

Backing track instruments: electric guitar, fretless bass and drums.

Progression: Gb.

Suggestions: The Gb Major scale is a good scale to get to know over this vamp in Gb.

Country Bumpkins Chords and Progression

This is a one-chord town: nothing but Gb Major.



Chord Progression

I'm also playing a leading note which is the open 6th (low E) string. E is the flat 7th note of the Gb Major scale and sounds pretty cool brining in the chord. Play the open E then the Root note Gb on the 2nd fret followed by the full Gb Major chord.


Country Bumpkins Scale Suggestions

1. Gb Major - 8th Position - Two Octaves

When you shift from the 11th fret on the 2nd (B) string to the 12th fret you are no longer in 8th position. You are in 9th position. You also change positions when you move to the 13th and 14th frets on the 1st (high E) string.


2. Gb Major - 1st Position and up - Three Octaves

The 1st fret of the 6th string is the Major 7th note F of the Gb Major scale. With this scale pattern you are covering the whole 12 frets of the guitar neck. Once you get up to the Root note Gb at the 14th fret of the 1st string you can play back down the scale using pattern 1.

Remember that the scales shown are just to give you some note choices so you can come up with guitar licks and build guitar solos from them. Don't play up and down the scales unless you are trying to see where all the notes sit on the fretboard.

Get musical. Take one or two notes and play around with them, add another note and come up with a guitar lick. Just pick a few notes below, not necessarily in order and play around to see what sounds you can create from a set selection of notes.

Listen to what you can hear in your head and try and play that. Sing a line out loud and then find those notes on the guitar.

Experiment, experiment, experiment and have fun.


Country Bumpkins Bass Tab

The bass guitar part for Country Bumpkins uses the Root, 5th and b7 (flat 7th) notes of the Gb Major Scale. These are the notes Gb, Db and Fb (Fb is the note E but F is the Major 7th note in the scale so we say that the flat 7th is Fb).

These are the 3 most useful notes for building bass lines. The next most useful note is the 3rd, whether it is a Major 3rd or a minor 3rd. When in doubt though, start with the Root note of the chord you are playing. Then add the 5th and then try the b7th and see what bass lines you can build from there.


Country Bumpkins Drum Chart

Put some good ole toe-tappin' rhythm into your playing.

Web page with drum instruction: Country Bumpkins Drum Chart

Download: Country Bumpkins Drum Chart

Country Bumpkins Drum Instruction

Jam on!

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