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Db Ballad

mp3: Db Ballad Guitar/Lead Jam Track
wma: Db Ballad Guitar/Lead Jam Track

mp3: Db Ballad Bass Jam Track
wma: Db Ballad Bass Jam Track

mp3: Db Ballad Drums Jam Track
wma: Db Ballad Drums Jam Track

Time/size: 4 mins 12 secs/5.9mb. 80 beats per minute/bpm

Rock ballad jam track: Slow rock tune in the key of Db.

Backing track instruments: electric guitar, fretless bass and drums.

Progression: Db Major.

Suggestions: Play the Db Major Pentatonic scale, the Db Major scale and also try Db Lydian and Db Mixolydian modes over this progression.

Db Ballad Chords and Progression

The Db Major chord is made up of the Root note Db, the 5th note, the Db Octave and the Major 3rd from the Db Major scale.

Db Major


Db Ballad Scale Suggestions

1. Db Major Pentatonic Scale - 3rd Position - Two Octaves

ok The Allman Brothers Band.

The first scale we are looking at is the Db Major Pentatonic scale. This scale consists of the Root note, 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th degrees of the Db Major scale. We've left out the 4th and 7th degrees of the Db Major scale.


2. Db Major Scale - 15th Position - Two Octaves

Adding the 4th and 7th degrees of the Db Major scale to the Major Pentatonic scale shown in pattern 1 gives us the following pattern.


3. Db Lydian Mode - 15th Position - Two Octaves

If we take the Db Major scale and raise the 4th degree of the scale (shown in blue in pattern 3 below) we are looking at a whole new scale: Db Lydian mode. Db Lydian mode take its notes from the Ab Major scale. i.e. Db Lydian mode and Ab Major have the exact same notes in them. The difference in the scale is that with Db Lydian we start the scale on Db - that is to say that the Db Lydian's scale's Root note is Db.

The difference between the Db Lydian mode and the Db Major scale is that the 4th degree of the Db Lydian mode is raised a semi-tone (one fret) higher than the 4th degree of the Db Major scale.

This is true of all Lydian modes if you compare them to the Major scale that has the same Root note of the mode you are comparing it to.


4. Db Mixolydian Mode - 15th Position - Two Octaves

If we take the Db Major scale and lower the 7th degree of the scale to play the note Cb instead of C, we are again playing a new scale, this time known as Mixolydian mode.

Db Mixolydian mode uses the exact same notes as the Gb Major scale. The difference is that the Root note of Db Mixolydian is Db (compared with the root note Gb of the Gb Major scale).

Note that we named the note Cb and not B. The reason for this is that we are already playing the note Bb on the 3rd fret of the G string. This is the 6th degree of the scale. The next note is the note B on the 4th fret; however since we have already named a note with the letter 'B' we use the next letter available which is C. And seeing the note is one fret lower than the note C, the note is called Cb.

You only use each letter of the alphabet once when naming notes in a scale. So we name notes Cb and Fb in certain scales, even though these notes on the guitar fretboard are actually the notes B and E.

The Db Major scale, Db Lydian mode and Db Mixolydian mode are all very different scales. Although the Lydian and Mixolydian modes only vary by one note relative to the Major scale, they give vastly different sounds when playing them over the Db Major chord. Experiment with all 3 scales and you'll hear how different each scale sounds.

You should also realize that the Db Major Pentatonic scale is a 5 note scale that omits the 4th and the 7th degree of the Db Major scale. When you compare the Lydian and Mixolydian scales you are comparing the 4th and 7th degrees of the scales. By omitting these notes you come up with the Major Pentatonic scale which fits really well over the I, IV and V chords as the 4th and 7th degrees of the scales aren't there to complicate the sound of the scale that you are playing over the I, IV or V chords of the key you are playing in.


Db Ballad Bass Tab

The bass guitar line to Db Ballad is a strict tempo bass line that pivots between the Db Root note on the A string and the Ab 5th note on the E string. Let the notes ring out in full on this one and make sure you are playing right on the beat and perfectly on the off beat.

Add the Major 3rd to come up with your own bass line and play around with the Major 6th, flat 7th (b7th) and Major 7th notes both walking up to the Root note on the 1 of each bar as well as coming up with bass parts with those notes during the earlier beats in each bar.


Db Ballad Drum Chart

Play an even tempo rock drum beat.

Web page with drum instruction: Db Ballad Drum Chart

Download: Db Ballad Drum Chart

Db Ballad Drum Instruction

Jam on!

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