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Eb Vamp

mp3: Eb Vamp Guitar/Lead Jam Track
wma: Eb Vamp Guitar/Lead Jam Track

mp3: Eb Vamp Bass Jam Track
wma: Eb Vamp Bass Jam Track

mp3: Eb Vamp Drums Jam Track
wma: Eb Vamp Drums Jam Track

Time/size: 4 mins 16 secs/6.0mb. 94 beats per minute/bpm

Rock jam track: Eb Vamp is an easy going rock jam track over the chord Eb Major.

Backing track instruments: electric guitar, fretless bass and drums.

Progression: Eb Major.

Suggestions: Play the Eb Major Scale; also know as Eb Ionian mode over this jam track.

Eb Vamp Chords and Progression

This is a good chord shape to practice. It's not all that common but you get some nice sounds out of the chord. If you arpeggiate the notes you are playing the Root, Major 3rd, 5th and Root (Octave) of the chord.

Eb Major


Eb Vamp Scale Suggestions

1. Eb Major Scale (Eb Ionian Mode) - 10th Position - Two Octaves

Below is the guitar tab for the Eb Major scale. Move around the note a lot if you are going to use this chord shape otherwise your guitar licks will sound too scale like which is boring to listen to.

Try and come up with some guitar licks with notes that ring out - get as much sustain out of them as you can and think about the notes you are playing and how they relate to the chord you are playing over.


2. Eb Major Pentatonic Scale - 5th Position - Two Octaves

When playing any Major Scale you can strip it back to play the Major Pentatonic scale which omits 2 notes from the Major Scale. Here's the Eb Major Pentatonic scale in 5th position.


Eb Vamp Bass Tab

The bass line for Eb Vamp starts on the Root note Eb and plays the 5th and Major 3rd of the Eb Major chord/scale and then plays straight eighth notes over two bars sitting back on the Root note locking in with the bass drum.

Instead of sitting on the Root note in the 3rd and 4th bars of the progression, create some bass lines that move through various notes of the Eb Major scale. Start with the Major 3rd and 5th and then experiment with other notes like the Major 7th and the b7th (flat 7th). Use other notes from the Eb Major scale as passing notes to those notes and work out some melodic bass lines that enhance the chord that the rhythm guitar is sitting on.


Eb Vamp Drum Chart

Play a nice tight rock drum groove with the bass player.

Web page with drum instruction: Eb Vamp Drum Chart

Download: Eb Vamp Drum Chart

Eb Vamp Drum Instruction

Jam on!

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