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Essential Drum Books

Four Essential Books for Drummers are:

Stick Control by George Lawrence Stone
Progressive Steps to Syncopation for the Modern Drummer by Ted Reed
Advanced Techniques For The Modern Drummer by Jim Chapin
Master Studies by Joe Morello

There are a lot of great books, videos and other resources out there for drummers but the above four books top the list if you ask me. Stick Control and Syncopation are absolutely essential. I don't think there would be many drummers who would disagree with me if I said that you're not going to become a very good drummer if you don't have the knowledge from those two books. They give you the fundamentals of the kit.

Advanced Techniques is all about independence between your limbs around the kit. Master Studies is exactly what the title suggests, and a really great book if you want to start getting into odd time signatures and note groupings, polyrhythms and a whole lot more.

You can find any of the above books easily at your local drum shop, music store or online through book stores, auction sites, or most suppliers of sheet music. They aren't expensive books to buy but are packed with knowledge. These books are highly recommended reading and learning materials for drummers of all styles and techniques.

Ideally, you should the material from these books with a good drum teacher. It's worth finding a teach even if it's just to have a few lessons to make sure you are using the materials correctly.

A good aim with music lessons is learning enough from a musician better than you so you can go away, work on it all yourself, get better than the teacher, find an even better teacher and keep on improving.

Jim Chapin -The Moeller Technique

An explanation of the Moeller technique by Jim Chapin from the Jim Chapin instructional video Speed Power Control Endurance. Jim Chapin wrote one of the best drum instructional books ever written, Advanced Techniques For The Modern Drummer. If you want to master independence around the kit, get this book and start woodshedding.

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