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Gee Whiz

mp3: Gee Whiz Guitar/Lead Jam Track
wma: Gee Whiz Guitar/Lead Jam Track

mp3: Gee Whiz Bass Jam Track
wma: Gee Whiz Bass Jam Track

mp3: Gee Whiz Drums Jam Track
wma: Gee Whiz Drums Jam Track

Time/size: 4 mins 22 secs/6.1mb. 84 beats per minute/bpm

Funk-rock backing track: Gee Whiz is a funky rock tune in the key of G whiz.

Backing track instruments: electric guitar, fretless bass and drums.

Progression: G7 vamp.

Suggestions: The G Mixolydian scale sounds great over this backing track.

Gee Whiz Chords and Progression

The rhythm guitar is playing the a G7 (G dominant 7th) chord all the way through the progression. The first 2 beats of the bar (and the 3rd beat) the chord is playing. Then from the 'an' of the 3rd beat (3, e, an, a) the guitar strings are muted and strummed with a pick. This is to play with the 16th note feel that the drums are playing on the hi-hat.

So the rhythm guitar part goes something like this:

1, e, an, a, 2, e, an, a, 3, e, an, a, 4, e, an, a

Where the beats in bold are the G7 chord being played and the beats in blue are the string muting part.

The rhythm count above is how you count out 16th notes. In a bar of 4/4 time there are four 16th notes to a beat and sixteen 16th notes to a bar.

No, you don't get a prize for guessing where the name 16th notes comes from!

The scale tones of a dominant 7 chord (such as G7) in numbers (relative to the Major scale) is:

1, 3, 5, b7.

In the guitar tab above for the G7 chord the scale tones being played from the 6th (low E) string up to the 1st (high E) string are:

Root note G (6th string 3rd fret)
5th note C# (5th string 5th fret)
muted 4th string
Major 3rd note B (3rd string 4th fret)
b7 note A (2nd string 6th fret)
and finally muted 1st string.

Match the blue numbers above to the numbers in blue on the guitar tab below and you are ready to get funky.



String Muting


Gee Whiz Scale Suggestions

The G Mixolydian scale sounds great all up and down the neck over this backing track. The Mixolydian scale is very similar to a Major scale, it's just the 7th note of the scale that differs. In a Major scale the 7th note is one semi tone (one fret) below the Root note. In a Mixolydian scale the 7th note is one tone (two frets) below the Root note.

Although the scales are similar you should think of them as totally different scales as they both have unique sounds.

The G Mixolydian scale works well over this track because the b7 (flat 7) note fits really well over the G7 chord. The G7 chord uses a b7 as its 7th note. This note is A. The other notes that make up the G7 chord are the Root note (G), the Major 3rd (B) and the Perfect 5th, or just 5th (C#).

1. G Mixolydian Scale - From Go to Whoa!


2. G Mixolydian Scale - 9th and 12th positions


Gee Whiz Bass Tab

The bass guitar follows the rhythm that the drums is playing. In the first two bars of this 4 bar vamp the bass plays the Root note G. In the third bar we add the b7 (flat 7) note A to the Root note. This helps to highlights the G7 chord that the guitar is playing.

If you are building a bass line, the b7 note is often a great note to play with the Root note. Just playing the Root note will make the guitar player happy. Adding the b7 with the Root note will make you happy as well. Combine the two with a serious groove and the drummer will be smiling too. Even if you're playing death metal and trying to look serious you won't be able to help but raise a grin. This is why many death metal bands wear masks. They're really happy on the inside!

Then in the fourth bar of the progression you play the Root to Octave then the b7 down to the 5th and down to the Root, following it off with the 5th note playing with the snare drum.

It's a fun rhythm to play along with the drums. You should try adding the Major 3rd (B) on the 2nd fret of the 3rd (A) string into the bass line as well. Then you'll be playing all the scale tones of the G7 chord that the rhythm guitar is playing.

Go fourth and make up some cool bass lines.


Gee WhizDrum Chart

16th notes on the hi-hats with some cool syncopation between the bass drum and snare.

Web page with drum instruction: Gee Whiz Drum Chart

Download: Gee Whiz Drum Chart

Gee Whiz Drum Instruction

Jam on!

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