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06 A Downtown Traffic mp3
Time/size: 4 mins 02 secs/5.54mb
Jazz jam track: Up tempo jazz feel in A (110 beats per minute/bpm)
Backing track instruments:electric guitar and bass
Progression: A7, D7 and E7 chords.
Suggestions: Sit on the ride use the hi hat just with your foot on the down beat.
Get syncopated on both the bass drum and snare drum with lot's of ghost notes and accents on the snare. Use traditional grip, even if you are only used to playing with a matched grip.

Hot Tips Hot Tip! When you are reading about music theory, rhythms, beats and other ideas, don't just read, talk and think about it, go to the kit and play them. So for the above suggestions - start a beat with the ride and hi hat going. Play it on the kit, listen to the music and think about what you can do on the bass drum and snare drum to complement the tune. Once you have those ideas in your head, play them on the kit.

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08 C Jim's 251 No Drums mp3
Time/size: 5 mins 21 secs/7.34mb
Jazz jam track: Laid back walk in C (108 beats per minute/bpm)
Backing track instruments: electric guitar and bass
Progression: IIm7 - V7 - IMaj7 progression using the chords: Dm7 - G7 - CMaj7 - CMaj7.
Suggestion(s): Sit on the ride, use the hi-hat to let everyone know where the beat is and play around on the snare and the toms with lots of double strokes from the left hand.

Art Blakey Solo

Max Roach at His Best

Max Roach - Hi Hat

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