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Manic Jam Tracks

ok here are some tracks for Cass and anyone else who wants to jam over some Hendrix inspired grooves to rock out with.

Recorded on a Zoom multirack recorder using Roland VDrums, Roland VR09 keyboard and a fretted bass with fender jazz pickups in it.

Manic with Jimi Hendrix

Time/BPM: 3 mins 11 secs 50 beats per minute/bpm

High Quality mp3: Manic with Jimi Hendrix 7.2mb

This is the solo part you can jam over for the song Manic Depression. It's in A.

Manic with Jeff Beck

Time/BPM: 3 mins 31 secs 50 beats per minute/bpm

High Quality mp3: Manic with Jeff Beck 8mb

Also in A this is the solo part taken from the version of Manic Depression that Jeff Beck did with Seal from the Hendrix Tribute album 'Stone Free'. It is an amazing version of Manic Depression from an amazing album.

Highlights from the album include: Stone Free by Eric Clapton, Spanish Castle Magic by the Spin Doctors, Hey Joe by Body Count, Manic Depression by Jeff Beck and Seal, Crosstown Traffic by Living Colour, Hey Baby (Land of the New Rising Sun) by M.A.C.C.

Basically the entire album is awesome. The songs have really good energy in them by some amazing musicians.

Go listen to the album - you'll hear what I mean.

This is where I borrowed (/ripped off) the groove from - go to the 2.30 mark and listen to that!


Jam on!

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