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Music Concepts for Guitar, Bass and Drums

Here's a bunch of articles I wrote a while back. They consist of music instruction and music related concepts.

Music Concepts and Instruction

12 Bar Blues Progression - The structure of, and how to play, a basic 12 bar blues.

12 Bar Blues in E: Easy Guitar Chords - Use 2 note chords to play a blues in E.

3 Easy-To-Learn Blues Licks in the Key of A - To jam with a blues in A

Backing Tracks - Learn to Play Music - An introduction to playing with backing tracks.

Bending the Blue Note - The Secret to Great Blues Guitar Revealed.

Blues Chord Progressions - The Quick Change - Looking at the 2nd bar of a blues.

C Dominant 7 - This was a previous chord shape of the week. You can check out more guitar chords on the Guitar Chords pages.

Chords, Scales and Making Guitar Practice Fun - Take your playing to the next level.

Easy Guitar Chords for Beginners - Teaches you: G, C, D, E and A Major chords.

Easy Guitar Lesson - Learn how to play Knockin' on Heaven's Door (uses chords above).

How to Tune Drums - Where to begin if you don't know how to tune drums

How to Tune Your Guitar Down Half a Step - Then Jam with 4, 5 & 10 on Blues Page 01.

How to Write Lyrics - 5 Tips on Songwriting

Music Practice and Motivation - How a small amount of effort will give you big results.

Performance Anxiety - Overcoming Nervousness on Stage - 5 Tips

Play Music With Backing Tracks, Friends, Teachers and Other Musicians - More is More

Playing at Open Mic Nights - Nick used to run an open mike night and still plays at them.

Playing Through Mistakes and Going Unnoticed - Story of my life!

Shut Up and Practice - It's Time to Get Good - On goal setting and practice

Songwriting and Multitrack Recording - Some ideas to help you get more out of songwriting.

Street Performers and Busking - Taking the music to the streets.

The Difference Between Acoustic and Electric Guitars - Learning Guitar

Triplets and the Shuffle Rhythm - Fundamentals of counting triplets and shuffle rhythms.

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Free Jam Tracks on FaceBook

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