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The music videos pages contain YouTube music videos that have appeared on the front and other pages of free jam tracks and have since been updated with something new. Never stop listening to old and new music.

Third Arm -Blue Sky

Have you even walked into a venue with no expectations and then a band comes on and totally blows you away? A few years ago I walked into a small bar and the above band came on and just blew my mind. YouTube doesn't do the band justice, the closest I can put my point across is that I walked into the venue and thought:

"Duane Allman is in the house."

"Duane Allman is in the house!"

Damn man, now that was a good day.

Anyway - the band in question, Third Arm, became a friend of Free Jam Tracks and I'm really glad to have found a clip on YouTube of the band playing an original number, Blue Sky. Very cool for a band that has no record company backing and done it all themselves. The singer sounds like a cross between Warren Haynes and Mike Mattison from the Derek Trucks Band. Nothing but soul. This IS what music is all about. It's about the soul, the energy, it's about Mabo, it's all about the vibe man. Rock on Third Arm!

Thank you so much for keeping it real.


Carlos Vamos playing Always With Me Always With You

Acoustic Tapping. How great is this guitar player? Awesome song and really cool rendition. I'd love to know how he recorded it, it's one of the clearest YouTube recordings I've ever heard of an acoustic guitar. It's got that big room sound. He must have a very good mic to pick up the guitar so clearly. Very nice sound quality and playing to say the least.

Pete Townsend - Won't Get Fooled Again

Played solo in the studio. This is a great song to begin with, hearing it played like this is simply awesome. Pete Townsend sings with a lot of emotion which helps make it all the more musical.

Gruhak covers Joe Cocker - With A Little Help From My Friends

Gruhak is a cover band from Dubrovnik, Croatia. They are into blues and play some pretty mean Led Zeppelin covers. Talk about a band doing it right. They'd be a cool band to see live. Awesome!

Eric Johnson - Cliffs of Dover, live in 1990

This tune was on the great album 'Ah Via Musicom'. It's a bit slow to start off with an he goes nuts at around the 3 minute mark. It's worth watching the whole thing. Blues, rock and a bit of jazz thrown in. Eric's guitar tone is always amazing to listen to. Definitely the best live guitar sound I've ever heard. His chord voicings are incredible. He did one of the best instructional dvd's ever done called 'Total Electric Guitar'. Even if you aren't really into his style you'll learn a lot from it as it goes through advanced guitar playing techniques that you can use for any style of playing. A true legend.

Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble - Riviera Paradise

Everyone agrees how great a bluesman Stevie Ray Vaughan was. One of the best, particularly because of the amount of soul he put into every note of his playing. This track, Riviera Paradise is an instrumental from his last studio album, In Step. He's playing some really nice jazz influenced chords. Stevie's mostly playing an E blues scale for the guitar solo. If you want to play along with it make sure that you tune down 1/2 a step or play in Eb.

Open Your Ears - Mozambique - Nwalhulwana

Open your ears! This is an amazing piece of music, great acoustic guitar and vocals which just goes to show that music transcends anything and everything that can be put to words. It's all about sounds. Music is about sounds. I don't know what is being said in this piece of music. They lyrics could be about anything. In theory they could be ugly - but you know by the sounds that they are of beauty - something filled of life, love and happiness. Don't forget the bottom line, we are dealing with sounds, if they come from the heart then you can do no wrong. And that's, the Real Deal.

Crossroads Guitar Duel

This has to be the greatest moment in cinema history. If you haven't seen the movie Crossroads you should go hire or buy it. The whole film is pretty cool but the guitar duel at the end of the movie (shown above) will blow you away. Steve Vai is playing his parts and Ralph Macchio guitar parts were played by the great Ry Cooder. They had the awesome guitarist and music educator Arlen Roth on site when they made the film to help Ralph out with his guitar playing. Great movie with great playing all the way through it - go check it out.

Gregory Hines and Stanley Clarke

This is a live performance from Gregory Hines did with Stanley Clarke on the Arseneo Hall show in 1993. They recorded two tracks for Stanley Clarke's solo album 'If This Bass Could Only Talk'. The intro track is the album title and the last track on the record is 'Basically Taps'. So they are just two pieces of music of Stanley Clarke playing bass and Gregory Hines doing what he does best. Too cool for school!

Robben Ford & The Blue Line - Start It Up

Robben Ford is an amazing guitar player. If you ever get the chance to see him live make sure you go see him. His tone is unbelievable. He played with Miles Davis for a short while and many other great musicians. There are some really good instructional dvds he's done as well that are worth checking out. This song is an awesome blues, it even appeared in a really cool scene in the movie The Firm. Definitely one of the best blues guitar players I've seen live. Up there with the best of them.

Stanley Clarke Bass Solo

This is a bass guitar solo that Stanley Clarke played from a gig that was put on TV in the 1980s. He is playing some parts from the solos that appeared on some of his albums. Listen to the groove he gets. It's magic.


Marc Cohn - Walking in Memphis

This video is from a live performance in 2008. A fantastic song by a great musician. His little talk at the start of the song is interesting. This song was big in the early 1990s. It's still a great song. Really nice chord progression and he has a great feel. Which is what music is all about.  

Billy Cox and Dweezil Zappa - Freedom

Freedom is one of the coolest riff type songs that Jimi Hendrix wrote. This is a really cool video of Dweezil Zappa playing with Billy Cox on the Hendrix Tribute tour that Dweezil was a part of.

Dweezil is also playing this song as an encore some nights on his current Zappa Plays Zappa tour. It's about the only song they are doing that isn't one of Frank's tunes.

Check out the Zappa Plays Zappa tour dates and go to a show if they are coming to a town near you.

Seriously - go to this gig if you can - the band is amazing, the set list is awesome and Dweezil is on fire. It's the best concert I've seen since I saw The Allman Brothers Band at Beacon Theatre in N.Y.C. And that was in 2007! Even if you don't know Frank Zappa's music - this gig will blow you away. I'll put up a photo that I took from the concert I saw soon and do a Zappa inspired jam track for the next backing track (or tracks).


Melody Gardot - Baby I'm a Fool

Here's a lesson in how to lay it right back yet play with one serious groove. Talk about a natural. Melody Gardot has a fantastic voice and plays some really nice jazz chords on this tune of hers. Great phrasing. There is some really nice brush work by the drummer. The band is supporting the vocalist perfectly which is the main thing that every musician should keep in mind when playing with a singer. The melody to this tune would sound great as an instrumental.

Bill Withers - Ain't No Sunshine

This is a lesson in the cool. A classic song played live nice and laid back with everyone playing for the song: very light and supporting the singer. And the drummer's gotta be one of the hippest cats you ever did see. Even with it being played this laid back they are playing in the pocket and totally nailing the groove.


Rod Stewart & Jeff Beck - People Get Ready

This is an awesome live video of Jeff Beck playing the Curtis Mayfield song People Get Ready. Very cool with Rod Stewart walking out and surprising Jeff Beck. If you want to hear some great guitar playing check out some Jeff Beck albums. He is a tone master, playing with his fingers.

The bass player in this clip is Tal Wilkenfeld - she has been around a few years and played with some of the greats. Rock, blues, jazz you name it. Vinnie Colaiuta is on drums who is probably best known for playing with Frank Zappa. One of the best.

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