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New Friends

mp3: New Friends Guitar/Lead Jam Track
wma: New Friends Guitar/Lead Jam Track

mp3: New Friends Bass Jam Track
wma: New Friends Bass Jam Track

mp3: New Friends Drums Jam Track
wma: New Friends Drums Jam Track

Time/size: 4 mins 37 secs/6.5mb. 80 beats per minute/bpm

Rock jam track: This is a 4 bar tune in the key of A that could either be a chorus or a verse.

Backing track instruments: electric guitar, fretless bass and drums.

Progression: A Major, E Major.

Suggestions: Play the A Major scale over the A Major chord and E Mixolydian mode over the E Major chord.

New Friends Chords and Progression

If you don't know how to play these two chords then you either just bought your guitar today or you have serious motivational issues that need to be addressed right here, right now.

A Major


E Major


New Friends Scale Suggestions

1. A Major Scale - 11th Position - Two Octaves

Here is the guitar tab for the A Major scale in 11th position. 11th position means that your index finger is placed at the 11th fret.

Play this scale over the A Major chord which is played during the first 2 bars of the 4 bar rock progression.


2. E Mixolydian Mode - 11th Position - Two Octaves

Over the last 2 bars of the progression play the E Mixolydian mode using the notes from the guitar tab below.

Compare the scale in pattern 1 with this one and you'll see that we are using the same notes in both scales. The main difference is that each pattern shown starts on the Root note for the applicable scale/mode.

To begin with come up with guitar licks that land on the Root note of each scale. Use pattern 1 starting on the 12th fret of the A string (which is the Root note A of the A Major chord) and come up with some phrases that will lead you to the Root note E of the E Major chord.

The Root notes of the A Major scale are found at: the 12th fret on the 5th (A) string, the 14th fret of the 3rdth (G) string and the 17th fret of the 1st (high E) string.

The Root notes of the E Mixolydian mode are found at: the 12 fret on the 6th (low E) string, the 14th fret of the 4th (D) string and the 12th fret of the 1st (high E) string.

Get comfortable with pattern 1 and pattern 2 and make sure you think about the patterns in terms of playing over the A Major chord and then the E Major chord.


New Friends Bass Tab

The bass guitar line uses the Root to Octave of the A scale and adds the b7th (flat 7th) before moving to the E Root note over the E Major chord and pivots between the E Root and B (5th) of the E Major scale/chord.

See what bass lines you can come up with using other notes from the A Major scale. Use the 2nd, 3rd and 6th degrees of the A Major scale and get a bit funky with the rhythm.


New Friends Drum Chart

Play classic rock drums all over this track.

Web page with drum instruction: New Friends Drum Chart

Download: New Friends Drum Chart

Jam on!

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