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Songdogs Modal Panic

mp3: Songdogs Modal Panic Guitar/Lead Jam Track

Time/size: 3 mins 25 secs/3.15MB. 88 beats per minute/bpm

TRACK jam track: Laid back jam in the key of E (tuned down half a step, true key is Eb).

Backing track instruments: electric guitar and drum machine.

Progression: E A B 8 bar progression.

Suggestions: The E Major Scale (tune your guitar down half a step otherwise play Eb Major). Play the A Lydian and B Mixlydian modes over the A and B chords on the 7th and 8th bars.

My Jam: This is a take of me jamming with the track. Just so you can hear what the E Major Scale sounds like over the progression. I start off playing the lead notes from the chords (from the Major 3rd decending down) and then hit the 4th note of the E Major scale on the A chord (the IV chord) - so I'm (kind of) playing Lydian Mode then and the 5th note of the E Major Scale on the B (the V chord (Mixolydian). The mode names don't mean anything - it's all the same notes from the E Major Scale, just the name if you start the E Major Scale from a note other than E.

mp3: Songdogs Modal Panic My Jam

Songdogs Modal Panic Scale Suggestions

1. E Major Scale - 9th Position

This is the main pattern/postion I use when I play along to this track. I move down the neck a bit (and up as well) but I mostly stick around the 9th position.


2. E Major Scale - 1st Position to 9th Position - Two Octaves

It's a good idea to move your hands a bit and play other strings even if they are the same notes. You get different tones from different strings and you open up new opportunities and ideas when your left hand's in another spot.


Jam on!

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