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The Ballad of 1950

mp3: The Ballad of 1950 Guitar/Lead Jam Track

Time/size: 3 mins 43 secs/3.41MB. 90 beats per minute/bpm

The Ballad of 1950 jam track: Slow 50s style ballad.

Backing track instruments: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, fretless bass and drums.

Progression: C Major, A minor, G Major, G Major.

Suggestions: The A minor pentatonic scale works great over this progression. 5 notes people, you can do it!

The Ballad of 1950 Scale Suggestions

1. A Minor Pentatonic Scale

You don't need to play a lot of notes to make this sound good. What you need to do is play 5 notes from your heart and soul and give it all you've got.


Jam on!

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Free Jam Tracks on FaceBook

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The Jam Tracks Stack


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