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The F Bomb


mp3: The F Bomb Guitar/Lead Jam Track
wma: The F Bomb Guitar/Lead Jam Track

mp3: The F Bomb Bass Jam Track
wma: The F Bomb Bass Jam Track

mp3: The F Bomb Drums Jam Track
wma: The F Bomb Drums Jam Track

Time/size: 4 mins 23 secs/6.2mb. 130 beats per minute/bpm

Rock jam track: This is an up tempo rock tune in the key of F.

Backing track instruments: electric guitar, fretless bass and drums.

Progression: F Major and F Major 7 (FMaj7).

Suggestions: Take the F Major Pentatonic scale and the F Major scale and see what guitar licks you can create.

The F Bomb Chords and Progression

Put your thumb over the neck to fret the low E string at the 1st fret and mute the high E string with your index finger lightly resting on it for the F Major chord.

E is the Major 7th note of the F Major scale.

To play the F Major 7 chord lift your index finger enough so it comes off the high E string to let it play.

F Major


F Maj 7


The F Bomb Scale Suggestions

1. F Major Scale - Non-standard pattern - Two Octaves

Here is an alternate pattern for playing a Major scale.


2. F Major Pentatonic Scale - 7th and 10th Positions - Two Octaves

These two patterns of the F Major Pentatonic scale give you good coverage of the guitar neck with only one shift in position. Instead of ending on the 13th fret of the 6th (low E) string you could end back down on the 8th fret of the 5th string and then go into pattern 1 and start pulling notes out from the F Major scale.

Combining scale patterns and shifting positions will give you more ideas for coming up with guitar licks.

When in doubt, or whenever you are in a comfort zone, shift position.


The F Bomb Bass Tab

Over the first 2 bars of the 4 bar progression the bass line only uses the Root note on the 1st fret of the E string and the 5th note located on the 3rd fret of the A string.

In the 3rd and 4th bar of The F Bomb the bass line play the Root note, the Major 7th note E, the 5th note as well as the Major 3rd.

These four notes, Root, Major 3rd, 5th and Major 7th, spell out the F Major 7th chord.

Seeing that E is the Major 7th note make the open E string a good string to play for the last note of the progression as you can play the open E string and shift you hand from 7th position (as your index finger is on the 7th fret for the 3rd and 4th bars) back down to 1st position.

Identifying what notes the open strings are when playing tunes often allows you to shift positions while notes are still playing. Using open strings like this can be a fun way of coming up with bass lines as it allows you to move fluidly up and down the neck while maintaining a groove.


The F Bomb Drum Chart

Play a driving rock beat in steady 4/4 time.

Web page with drum instruction: The F Bomb Drum Chart

Download: The F Bomb Drum Chart

The F Bomb Drum Instruction

Jam on!

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