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Very Proud of You


mp3: Very Proud of You
wma: Very Proud of You

Rock ballad: The tune Very Proud of You is a ballad sounding rock track that uses chords inspired by Jimi Hendrix.

mp3: Very Proud of You Backing Track
wma: Very Proud of You Backing Track

Time/size: 4 mins 38 secs/6.50mb. 96 beats per minute/bpm

Backing track instruments: electric guitar, fretless bass and drums.

Progression: The progression is a I, IV, V progression that uses the chords E, A9 and B9.

Suggestions: Play the E Major Pentatonic and E Major scale over this progression.

Very Proud of You Chords

E5 Rhythm Guitar - Electric

E Major






E Major Chord with Jimi Hendrix/Stevie Ray Vaughan Style Double Stops

This is what I'm playing for the first two bars of the progressions when the E chord is playing. In the third bar I'm playing the A9 chord shown above and sliding it up to the B9 for the fourth bar.


I came up with the part for the E Major/first two bars after I was playing around with Little Wing which I learned to play from both Hendrix and Stevie. i.e. the way I play Little Wing is built from a mish-mash version of their licks. I'm not very good at playing anyone else's licks note-for-note (I totally suck at it), so the way I play Little Wing is kind of 'my version' of it.

And that's the way I like it.

I highly recommend not learning guitar parts note-for-note. By all means sit down with guitar tab, analyze it, play it on the guitar but stuff around with it and get the notes under your fingers so that it feels good, and most importantly of all; sounds good to you. You might learn a guitar lick close to note-to-note but maybe you'll change the position you are playing it in, or even a few of the notes.

This is how you will develop your own style.

For example with this tune you could learn to play the rhythm parts basically as they are played but then when you look at the guitar tab for the solo - use that as a reference only as inspiration on feel and some basic note choices. Then look at the scale suggestions for ideas on what other notes you can use to come up with your own guitar parts and licks.

That's partly why I don't write out the full guitar tab to the tunes where I'm soloing over it. I don't 'write and learn' the guitar licks I play; I'm just playing. It's improvised. I jam on the tracks for a while before I hit the record button, sometimes over a few days and sometimes over minutes. With this one I recorded the lead after about 15 minutes of jamming over the backing track. I just felt like playing that style and it's using notes and patterns I'm very comfortable with and use often.

So what you hear on the guitar tunes with my playing/soloing is simply where I'm at with my playing. Whether you think that's good or not is out of my control, that's just they way I play and where I'm at in the point in time I recorded the track.

Very Proud of You Scale Suggestions

1. E Major Pentatonic Scale on the 3rd (G) and 2nd (B) strings One Octave

The below guitar scale is mainly what I used on the tune. I also moved up the neck extending the scale to the higher frets.


Very Proud of You Guitar Tab

The tone I'm getting from the guitar is coming from my fingers. I'm not using a pick. Playing with your fingers can give you really nice soft and gentle sounds.

There is a lot less attack and noise when you play with your fingers instead of a pick. It is often more expressive playing with your fingers. Playing with your fingers can slow your playing down which is often a good thing as it makes you think more about notes and less about flash. You can always set fire to your guitar at the end of the piece if you want to give the crowd that little bit of flash.

You often get subtle tones from your guitar and some nice harmonics when your finger nails and flesh from your picking hand pick the string together. I'm using my thumb, index and middle fingers to play the notes. Not in any particular manner though, it's not a specific technique, it's just what felt right at the time.

0.00 - 0.17 Intro



If you play the above notes with the tune I'm playing or over the backing track as well as use, and extend, the scale suggestion you'll get the vibe of what I'm playing for the whole solo.

This is a great example on feel. Who cares about fancy scales. Just play it from the heart.

Jam on!

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